Simply Furnished Small House On A Lake In Finland

Since ever man has been living in perfect communion with nature.Taking every day only what  the surrounding area provided and no more.Now when we are living in an industrialized era and everything we do is based or depending on technology, some people decide to return in nature and live a simple quiet life.

This home is situated on a remote island 150 miles north from Helsinki, Finland.The place is minimalist, furnished simply for a simple living, with custom made objects , wooden chairs, a table full of personality made from a refurbished door in the living area.The plain straight furniture is low on the ground trying not to interrupt the lines of nature surrounding the house.

Also nature is in some way part of the house.Thanks to the floor to ceiling windows that open towards a small terrace make possible that a “ the walls of glass” from the entire house to be decorated every day in a different way.Nature changes every minute with every snow flake with every bird passing by the trees with every tree shivering in a cold  winter.


Nature is also part of the structure of this  home contributing with lumber and insulating material for walls and furniture and the heating system also because the only thing that keeps this place warm is represinted by two wood burning stoves.The only touch of modernism is a Louis Poulsen Sattelite lamp, but well integrated in the environment’s theme. Designed by Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen, this 800 square feet house has a finnish traditional sauna and nothing but wild  forrest for miles.{found on nytimes}

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