I’m Simon Bjoern Beiskjaer and this is my personal blog.

It all started as a quest to have something up and running in a hurry so that I could write about my travels and other events meaningful to me.

I was seriously overtaken by Facebook in this regard but still – the blog is alive. These days I mostly use it to test out different ideas and updates and to be absolutely honest – usually end up wasting enormous amounts of time – but I enjoy it – so…

I currently live and work in Hanoi, Vietnam. If you want to know more details then you just have to give me a ring or send an email.

All the needed information here below:

Cell: +84 962 249 925

Email:   Or 
Skype: simon.beiskjaer

Or use the contact page…

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  1. Marsha Wood

    Hey, Simon,
    I was cleaning out my contacts list, saw your name and thought I would look you up. There you were! It’s good to know you are alive and well. Are you still in India?

    Take care,

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