Honda CX 500














Standard frame, standard swingarm, standard front fork – lowered.

Standard brakes, drilled discs, steelbraided hoses.Standard engine and carburators, K&N filters.

Honda CX 500 C tank. WM one-off seat and rearfender.

WM one-off batterybox under swingarm.

Standard CX 500 C wheels. Firestone Deluxe front 4.00×19 and 5.00×16 rear.

Tarozzi low race handle bars. WM complete wiring. 4 1/2” headlight, second hand rearlight.

WM one-off steelfairing, Mini speedometer, Daytona turnsignals.

Bitubo rearshocks. WM one-off mufflers.Exhaust Heatwrap. Posh grips.

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