Art Lebedev Studio… Don’t know – Just found their style interesting. I like their manifest – “As a matter of principle, we don’t work with private persons, political parties, religious organizations, jerk-offs, and those whose views conflict with ours” – Nuff said!

Protection for private blocking

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§ 230. Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material (a) Findings The Congress finds the following: (1) The rapidly developing array of Internet and other interactive computer services available to individual Americans represent an extraordinary advance in the … Continued


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‘Radiation’ text message is fake Radiation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant has reached harmful levels. A fake text message warning people that radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant has leaked beyond Japan has been panicking people across Asia. The … Continued


Smile and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Rent, buy or see a hilarious movie. This is guaranteed to help. Smiling and laughing releases endorphins, which fights stress, helps to relax and reminds you that life is more than just … Continued

John Deere

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Adherance to the company’s core values of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation is an integral part of how John Deere employees conduct the company’s business of providing products and services that help customers achieve their goals and enable human flourishing. Integrity … Continued

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