Desire is irrelevant, I am a machine.

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Desire Satisfactionism about well-being comes in two main varieties: unrestricted and restricted. Both varieties hold that a person’s well-being is determined entirely by the satisfactions and frustrations of his desires. But while the restricted theories count only some of a person’s desires … Continued

High Res Music

Reference Recordings (24 bit / 176.4 kHz WAV) • Files distributed on DVD HD Tracks (24 bit at 88.2 and 96 kHz FLAC) • Files distributed via internet download Gimell (24 bit / 96kHz FLAC) • Files distributed via internet download MA Recordings (96kHz … Continued

I-nigma barcode

Mobile barcodes, storing addresses and URLs, are a new and innovative way to access the mobile internet where users can use the camera on their mobile phone to scan barcodes that may appear in magazines, newspapers, billboards, LCD/plasma screens, packaging, business card and even … Continued

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